The Future of Digital Marketing in 2020

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SEO Trends in 2020: The Optimized Decade

January 16, 2020

Ready for a new decade? Many companies are excited about the future of digital marketing in 2020. Having a strong, optimized, and consistent online presence in this new decade will play a large role in a company's success. In an era where over 51% of the population with a mobile smartphone have found a new company while conducting a search on their smartphones, digital marketing methods can help you stand out in search engines, increase your web traffic, and stay ahead of Search Engine Optimization trends in 2020.

Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2020

2020 is the first page of a new decade. Whether it's local or widespread, search engine optimization (SEO) in 2020 holds the key to allowing users to find your unique and well-developed service or product. Improved search engine rankings is one benefit of a marketing agency's efficient and strategic plan, which must include Search Engine Optimization.

Leading market SEO trends for 2020 include the increased use of voice search. Alexa, Siri, and Google have become prevalent in homes across the world and are only going to increase in use. By 2022, 55% of U.S. households will have a smart speaker, and the future of digital marketing will rely on taking advantage of this future marketing trend. This SERPs dominated search trend for 2020 means that your SERP must be fully optimized to answer a user's question but also hook them into your website. The future of digital marketing is to account for these rising market trends for 2020 and beyond.

Another search engine marketing (SEM) trend for 2020 is to place your company within the top searches in Google Local Pack. Local SEO trends shows that local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day. This trend means that as more mobile users search online for local services or products, you would want to be in those top searches. Being in the top of the local SERPs would mean greater opportunity for more people to walk into your place of business.

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Long Live Content Marketing: 2020 Marketing Trends

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. 2020 marketing trends show that having optimized content throughout your website leads to more interaction and higher ranking with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to name a few. Don't fall into the comfort zone of letting loose once traffic has risen. In the world of content, you can never let up on the gas.

Content doesn't just mean the text in the body of your website pages, but it can include a blog, articles, infographics, email newsletters, photos, and video. Visual content is also on the rise as Google, Pinterest, and other companies are investing in visual search technology (Marketing Insider Group, 2019). Google Lens is a feature of the popular search engine that allows for visual search of almost a billion objects (Backlinko, 2019). Investing in Content Marketing Management in 2020 will pay off in the long run.

Optimizing Your Content for SEO in 2020

This means that the future of digital marketing will value companies that have optimized visual content throughout their websites and with connected and up-to-date social media. Being on the first page of these visual searches can also help boost your traffic, but directed and strategic 2020 SEO tactics through alt text of photos will play a heavy part. Every part of content marketing helps boost your exposure on these search engines in 2020.

You might be asking, "What about the content we already have?" Great question. The beautiful thing about content that already exists, is that it can be optimized. With Google's new BERT algorithm, analyzing search intent by the user, your content and the content's meta descriptions and alt text must try to match the intent of the search engine. This will take market research by a trusted and strategic marketing agency or department to implement a plan to bring your existing content up to date. Think of your existing content as an older suit that you haven't worn in years but decide to take in to get fitted and adjusted. Marketing agencies, like Smart Client Marketing, are the tailors bringing out the best of you for the world to see.

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Social Media Marketing in 2020

The key to maximizing social media marketing in 2020 is brand exposure. Sprinkling Facebook or Instagram posts and boosting your social media profiles creates brand awareness that helps you to engage and to get noticed by potential customers. These boosts and posts along with advertising in key target demographics can bring leads to your company. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can bring in a lot of traffic to a website. With over 530 million user profiles on LinkedIn (LinkedIn, 2019) and one billion monthly active users on Instagram (Instagram, 2019), there is no shortage of potential leads if done correctly using social media marketing strategies. Make sure to invest in social media marketing management in 2020 to reach the ever-increasing population who are already on these social media platforms.

Smart Client Marketing Can Help

Smart Client Marketing is dedicated to the companies that it serves and stays ahead of 2020 marketing trends and the future of digital marketing to provide you with the most up-to-date marketing available. Through our Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing Management, and Social Media Management packages, we can work in unison with your company's efforts to bring your business to the next level and expand its growth in 2020 and beyond.